ABOUT - Shepherd Photography


Based in the garden of England, Kent, Nathan has a keen eye for what makes for a great photograph. Living over multiple continents, he has seen and experienced a lot over the last decade. From working in housing development and sports writing in the heart of Michigan, USA to co-owning a poultry farm in the Balkans. 

Nathan's passion for photography started at an early age but had always been put on the back burner to pursue less creative career paths. After years of unfulfilling work in sectors that brought him little to no joy, Nathan decided to make the leap and jump back into what brought him the most happiness, photography. Nathan's style is natural, almost from the outside looking in. He aims to simply document your day as and how it happens, from the cheers to the tears, every moment is stylishly captured to keep these seconds alive for until the end of time. 


Our Style

Shepherd Photography has a distinct, laid back and relaxed style of reportage photography that captures the key moments without ruining them. Coming from the idea that the best photos are taken when unaware, my key is to be as unobtrusive as possible while taking the best photos possible. 

It's my goal to capture our client's day as it happens, which means that you'll spend less time posing and more time enjoying yourself!

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